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Our production process is almost automatic using computer driven CNC equipment, able to make additional cabinets at more or less than the cost of materials and a bit of electricity, allowing to have very low costs from the factory floor.

But we do incur substancial Overheads in Administration, Production Planning, Scheduling, Software Maintenance and Communications with our clients; as well as packing your goods in a sturdy wooden box for shipment to your home or a local Freight Depot. The Freight Cost to your Home or nearest Freight Depot are no more than charged by the transport companies.

These Overheads are included in our published pricing, but the pricing is based on a reasonable Order size, between $800 - $1000.

Unlike other on-line kitchen cabinet suppliers we like to be helpful to potential customers in accepting small orders under $600 even though the Overheads make this completely unprofitable in an economic sense - as small orders carry the same overheads as large orders. - unless we can recover at least part of the overheads. The smaller the order value, the larger the Overhead recovery.

We proportionaly charge for two cost recoveries: ADMIN and PACKING for orders less than $600. (excluding GST and transport).
If you decide to PICKUP your small Order from one of our  OUTLETS  then no packing charge will be made.

Proportional Surcharge for small Order processing
Special requests


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