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- Floor with Blind Corner.

Custom sized flat pack Corner Base ( Floor ) or Blind cabinets are supplied pre-drilled and include a solid back, bottom, left & right ends (gables), a top rail plus all the Hardwarerequired for assembly - including Hinges.
The Blind side is normally wider than the Depth of the adjoining cabinet.

The Door colour will be as selected ONCE in Step 5: Colours & Profiles.

Pricing depends on cubic size, door cover/profile and number of shelves.

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Base Blind Cabinet
Base Blind Cabinet

Door hang is typically on the Blind panel.
Specify Left or Right.
The Blind panel is normally the Depth of the adjoining panel PLUS 50mm.

Specify Blind panel width in "Special Request" box.

Select from options below and overtype 'default' values - as needed.

Height to 1150mm

Width (length) to 1200mm

Depth to 700mm

Door Hang

Blind Side Location

Hinge Type

Blind Side Panel Width

Shelf Depth

Sink/Tub Cabinet?
Shelf(s) required?


Door Style - Material finish

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Special requests


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