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- GARAGE / General Storage

Low Cost Garage / General Storage flat pack cabinets are supplied pre-drilled and include a solid back, bottom, left & right ends (gables), a top rail plus all the Hardware required for assembly -including Hinges.

They are very economical and come in four main price classes based on Door Finish materials used (Carcass Style (White melamine), Laminate (Coloured Melamine), GLOSS Laminate, and Unfinished (for self painting).  

For Laminate & GLOSS Laminate the Door colour will be as selected in Step 5: Colours & Profiles.

The bottom shelf for floor based units are pre-drilled to accept the included knock-in style plastic legs.
Pricing depends on cubic size, door cover/profile and number of shelves. 

Sometimes it may be more convenient to select Floor units and put Wall units (with the same depth) on top of them, screwing the lot to the internal wall rather then ordering a "Pantry type" unit for a variety of reasons.

Width of 1200mm may be allright for light contents,  but if heavy articles are placed on them then it may be better to specify the shelf as Fixed for greater strength and/or go for a smaller Width

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