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STEP 2: Whole Kitchens

Whole Kitchen specification.

You can select a kitchen shape and included cabinets from the options listed.

This provides a good start to any further customisation you may want to make to the specifications listed for the individual cabinets as shown on the "Shopping List" (NOTE click "Viewcart").

But there is a great number of diferent layouts possible, even on small budget kitchens and if you have a Kitchen Design, or even a comprehensive Sketch you may care to submit this to us, so we can assist in converting your design to actual cabinets and corresponding prices.

It will then be possible for you to "Import" our initial specification onto your PC and Remove products, Add other cabinets or Modification exsisting cabinets, select different Door/Panel/Drawer finishing and/or Colours, all at your convenience in your own home - and "play-around" with all the options until it meets your Budget Limits.

To do this e-mail us at:

Please include:
1. Your preferred return email address;
2. Attach your Design(s) or sketch;
3. Your Postcode;
4. Your preferrd finish, e.g.: Laminate (Texture or GLOSS), Vinyl Wrap(Texture, GLOSS), 2-pack Polyurethane painted (Matt or GLOSS);
5. Any special requests (e.g. Drawer(s) one Pot Drawer plus two others of equal size).


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