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STEP 5: COLOUR & Profiles > Vinyl - GLOSS - BYRON BAY Range > YOUR CHOICE

Doors, Panels and Drawer Fronts - in Vinyl wrap -"Your Choice" Colour and Design

You specify the colour, finish and even the material substrate to be used and the product that you select for this is called "Your Choice" -This is the last Product offering, under the Standard colours.
Colours can be chosen from the major Supplier's brands, such as: Duratech, Polytec, Laminex, Parbury and Woodlogic and are either a Solid colour, Woodgrain or Pattern finish.

For a range of colours & designs from major suppliers, see: Suppliers Lists

When selecting a manufacturer and colour from their Websites you should also enlarge their thumbprint sample for further details and then note the Colour Code and Colour Finish (i.e: Flint, Stipple, Gloss, Matt, Textured, Pearl, Sheen etc.) and specify these details on your Order.

For these custom Style -colour choices we will send you a special quote.

Style Byron Bay - YOUR CHOICE - Vinyl GLOSS
Style Byron Bay - YOUR CHOICE - Vinyl GLOSS

Select from options below and overtype 'default' values - as needed.

Supplier name

Supplier Contact Details

Product Name

Vinyl type

Colour Name

Colour Finish/Code

Face Profile

Edge Name

This choice applies to

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