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STEP 5: COLOUR & Profiles

You only need to specify your preferred Colour once for all products - you can select a different colour for Panels and Kickboards if you like, but if you want additional colours for Doors, Panels or Kickboards then please specify those in the "Special Requests" box for those units.

Select an Option in the Sub-categories list at the bottom for a more detailed COLOUR choice.

For any colour not on the Standard Supply list, use the "YOUR CHOICE" to specify in detail what is required. This option will incur some extra ESTIMATED charges to cover the extra administrative cost and anticipated cost of wastage (left overs) of material and the special Edge Taping required that comes in big  (expensive rolls). Unless the factory happens to have some left from previous jobs.

The Factory will advise you of the extra costs when your Order has been placed and checked out.

For "Your Choice" Supplier specifications Door/Panel Supplier's Lists

Our standard cabinet colour range is available in the four popular materials:
And there are different colour selections depending upon the material and factory outlet selected.


1. Laminate:

The most cost effective and durable material on offer. Thickness is 16mm for Laminate and GLOSS, but 18mm HMR MDF for LEGATO, and it comes pre-laminated on both surfaces and the edges are finished with an impact resistant 1mm ABS edging (for added durability).

Available in 3 finishes.: Texture, GLOSS and Polytec-LEGATO

* Laminate -Texture

* Laminate - GLOSS

* LEGATO - Polytec - Super MATT 18mm MDF


2. Unfinished Raw MDF:

A great one for the DIY’er who wants to save money and paint their own doors (in the colour of their choice). Thickness is 16mm Raw MDF finish on both faces plus a choice of face and edge profiles, ready for painting.


* Raw Finish - ready for DIY Painting>

3. Thermolaminated:

THERMOLAMINATED doors & panels are made from profiled moisture resistant E-Zero MDF 18mm thick, constructed with a durable and decorative surface on the face and edges. The result is a stylish, fully profiled door or panel, that is seamfree. Its thermoformed surface makes it resistant to the usual knocks and bumps of a busy household, ensuring your kitchen will remain a showpiece for years to come.
Polytec and Duratech doors & panels are available in a range of colours, profiles and surface finish options. A stunning Gloss finish is available in both solid colours and timberprints, which are a classic feature in today’s modern kitchen.
Timberprint doors have matching Matt melamine backs, excluding the Studio range. Those features enhances the natural and realistic look of the timberprint design. All surfaces are non-porous and easy to clean, and so will retain their beauty, providing years of trouble free service.

Available in two finishes.

* Belmont- Textured Vinyl

* Byron Bay - Gloss or Satin Vinyl

4. Polyurethane 2-Pack Painted:

2-Pack painted on the face surface and the edges creating a seamless beautifull finish. Unlimited colour range with this door style, as it’s a painted door.

Available in two finishes.

Click here for more information:

* Albany - Texture Painted

* Avoca - Gloss or Satin Painted

NOTE 1: You can have different Style/Colour for different components (e.g. Doors in Antique White and Kickboards in Sage) - but if you need a second Color for similar components with the same Material Style(for example having some Doors in a different colour) then record this in the "Special Requests " prompt box for the product affected.

NOTE 2: Not all OUTLETS stock the complete range of our Standard Laminate (Texture or GLOSS) colours - thus if those are required you may need to enter a new OUTLET code for your Quote.

NOTE 3:If a "Finger Pull Handle" is desired for a Door or Drawer Front then specify this into each product's "Special Request's" prompt box" and the factory will then advise the additional cost before any commitment is made.

NOTE 4:If a Frame (Glass) Door is desired for a product in either single Frame, Four- Frame or Six-frame then specify this into each product's "Special Request's" prompt box" and the factory will then advise the additional cost before any commitment is made. The cost isapproximaterly an extra $88 per frame that is cut-out. Only available for Painted or Vinlyl-wrap doors.

About 80% of customers are completely satisfied with our 36 different Style/Colour combinations, but we can integrate any style of Door, Drawer front or Panel available through normal commercial channels. Just specify your requirement in the "Your Choice" prompt boxes and we will provide a quote.

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