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STEP 2B: Highly CUSTOMISED units

The custom built cabinets listed cover our Kit Form range that include Doors and/or Drawer fronts, all assembly hardware, hinges, drawer runners and adjustable plastic legs in the price. Shelving is optional.
You can start at any point in the Selection menu at the left, but it is preferable to start at STEP 1: START RFQ.

The cabinets do not include the following but those can be ordered separately:

Doors/Panels/Drawer Fronts are provided in the following Styles each with its own price range.
  • Plain White melamine (carcass material) 16mm High Moisture Resistant (HMR) Particle Boards;
  • Laminate (Melamine) - 16mm Coloured High Moisture Resistant (HMR) Particle Board;
  • Gloss Laminate (Formica) - 1mm thick high gloss Melamine coating on a 16mm HMR board in nine colours;
  • Unfinished - - 16mm HMR MDF Board with a range of Face and Edge profiles - ready for DIY painting;
  • Vinyl Wrap - TEXTURE finish 18mm MDF board, large range of Colour/Profiling options called "Belmont" style;
  • Vinyl Wrap - GLOSS finish, 18mm MDF board, large range of Colour/Profiling options, called "Byron Bay" style;
  • Polyurethane painted - TEXTURE finish on 18mm MDF board and a range of Colour options options - called "Albany" style;
  • Polyurethane painted - GLOSS finish on 18mm MDF board - with a range of Colour options options - called "Avoca style". 

At the end of product ordering you MUST specify (using STEP 5: Colours & Profiles) your choice of Colour and Finish; you must have a colour choice for each particular product Style selected - the colour selected can apply to one of: Doors & Drawers, Panels or Kickboards, or ALL of these.

The cost of cabinets varies according Height/Width/Depth and Styles chosen for doors, drawer fronts and End panels. For a discussion on Kitchen/cabinet  costs parameters click: Cost consider'ns; for detailed construction information see Construction.

Your Product selections are treated as a Request for Quotation and the prices shown will be confirmed by our Production manager - who will suggest a Deposit to be made before any production commences.

NOTE: If you are mainly interested in the (low cost) Laminate/Melamine finish, then you may find real bargain basement pricing on our related Website: particularly for small orders and/or standard sizes. That website is also more optimised for slow Internet connections.


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