Hi Bjorn

Just to let you know that your job has been dispatched from our Factory:
15 May, 2009.

The Box Size that has been sent is:

Job Consignment Number: 87598991

1 x Package
Sizes & Weight:

0.200  mtrs High
1.240  mtrs Length
0.650  mtrs Depth

56 Kg's        
Going to:

Bjorn Melin
Ph: xxxxxxx
82 x Road
New South Wales
Post Code: 2076

Once the Job is picked up, it could be possibly a next-day-delivery (depending upon location of course and if the next day isn't a Weekend) -so you may only get less than 24 hrs notice that your job is to be delivered. I have included your phone number on the Freight, should the Freight Company need to call you for any reason, however it would be best if you call the Freight Company IF you have any specific times or locations.

The carrier is BORDER EXPRESS  (ph # 02 6123 3100 B/H or Fax # 02 6123 3150)

And you will need the 'Job Consignment Number' (see above) when contacting them

You can start tracking your job, on-line, once it's been picked up from our factory -Here is the link:

However nothing may come up until later on in the afternoon (if freighted today).
Copy & paste in your Job Consignment Number and hit 'Track it' on your keyboard.
The 'To' area will contain your delivery suburb & State (checking this is advisable).
It does give you an ETA for arrival to the next Depot (if your Freight is going via 1 or more depots), but it typically doesn't give you the final destination ETA.

Whilst the track and trace feature is not perfect, it is better than nothing......

If you have any questions regarding your freight, please contact the Freight Company DIRECT on 02 6123 3100 B/H and use the Consignment job number as listed above.


Note 1:
The box may be very heavy (depending upon the qty of cabinetry ordered). Typically, you will be required to unscrew the lid and manually un-load the job once it arrives (Tip: Have your battery drill or a Phillips head screw driver handy), Especially if they can't get it off their truck -Not all Trucks have 'tail-lifts' and/or the box may be too big of the tail-lift. When the Freight is delivered it is delivered by 1x person and they just deliver it to your outside street address (they don't carry it up flights of stairs, put it in lifts or anything like that), so you may need to hand deliver it from their into your room.

Note 2:
The couriers have allocated 1x Trip Only -Please ensure that you are present at the delivery for the unloading, otherwise they may very well chargeyou for an extra trip if no one is home to accept the goods. This could cost $100+ if they need to return, so be warned! Please call them if you have any concerns.

Note 3:
If there is no fork lift at the receiving end (which is normal), then a tail-lift truck is needed and a hand fork lift to get the box onto the tail lift & off again (if the box is deemed too big by the Freight Co.).
NOTE:Not all destinations have a Tail-lift Truck, therefore the Job will be sent to the closest Depot and you can either transfer the parts from the depot to your car/trailer (possibly involving several trips, depending upon the size of the order and your vehicle), or hire a truck/trailer or ute to get it to your final site address. BORDER EXPRESS will happily fork lift the job on to your preferred transport should this be the case.

Any question regarding to the Transport, please contact BORDER EXPRESS direct on the number listed above and don't forget to quote your consignment job number above.


Rod Tyson
Cabinets On-Demand On-Line, 
Ph: 02) 6241 7778
Fax: 02) 6241 8068
Email: enquiries@aneka.com.au